Eric V.

I didn’t know what to expect from BodyTalk initially, but was not feeling too good about my progress in healing from a broken back and spinal cord injury. I was stuck on a plateau. After about two months of weekly sessions with Jayne, I honestly feel really good. I haven’t made any miraculous jumps in mobility, but I am again improving at a steady pace and I do think that BodyTalk has had a lot to do with this. I have continued to improve at each monthly muscle test in physical therapy and notice improved strength and a better gait than I had previously. I am now able to get around the house without any cane and only need walking sticks for longer walks. I am making daily walks of 10-12 blocks ad occasionally getting back out on trails. I am also having less spasticity and clonus and sleeping better. 


I see my recovery and my body and mind in a different and much more positive and loving light. And it is this change in attitude and outlook that has been a powerful thing for me. Where I felt trapped before, I now feel more powerful. I feel like with BodyTalk, I am optimizing my system for healing. As a bonus, I have tapping my cortices daily and have not caught even a cold despite being exposed to many in school and at home.

Brenda S.

I can't believe I didn't know about BodyTalk until just a few weeks ago.  I am amazed at the power of it and the difference it has made to me so far... and I plan to keep on going.  One thing I love about BodyTalk is that it clears energy from the body that my mind would not come up with to ask for, and yet, the moment Jayne reads the message from my body as what is coming up for release, then it feels so amazingly on the mark... and then natural to release, that I am clearing stuff that I didn't know was still there to be cleared.  It's quite magical, very powerful and it works!  Jayne is masterful in the approach (and wonderfully kind) and I am thrilled at how different I feel about life in general and how I appear to be free from old beliefs and programming that have been running the show for a long time.

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David S.

I'm feeling very energized this morning! My daily practice learned at your workshop continues, and I'm sure that contributes greatly to how I'm feeling! Thank you so much! In addition, I have shared what I am learning about BodyTalk with friends along my way. In one instance, after a complete Access practice and a Fast Aid session focused on her back, my friend came home from her regular doctor's appointment with an astonishing report! Her doctor asked her to rate her pain on a scale of 1 to 10, and she usually experiences a 7 or 8 and that's with painkillers. Her experience this day after BodyTalk was a 2 and that was with out any painkillers!

Carolina K. - Access graduate

I love that BodyTalk Access is so concise, clear and easy to grasp for people from all walks of life. The practice and routine don't require much time, yet provide a variety of benefits. I appreciate that it truly focuses on integrating the whole body, mind and spirit toward greater wellness. Thank you Jayne!! You were so wonderful to learn from and share this experience with! I'm so excited to see where this new path toward healing and wholeness takes me (and how I'll be able to use it to help others). You're an absolute joy!

Lourdes R. - Access graduate

What I liked most about the Access course was learning new things about how the body works together & how to use the body's own energy to heal myself. The techniques were easy to do, so it is easy to use after the course. Jayne is a great instructor who believes in what she is teaching.


Access Success with My Teenager!

I've been studying and practicing BodyTalk for about 4 years, however I've recently completed the BodyTalk Access course. I was so surprised at the potential for the course. Not as I imagined at all. 
In particular I want to mention how it is currently saving our family life. My son, now 16, has been having a very difficult time with progressing through his teen years, and I along with him. He's been really angry, frustrated, irritable, overly sensitive to everything. Any pressure is too much pressure. He's been dehydrated, poor appetite, restless sleep, a lot of acne; just so many things for him to deal with and so overwhelmed. This has been going on continuously for about 10 months, but started about 2 years ago. Of course he won't let me near him with BodyTalk, until I did Access. 
I mentioned to him that I wouldn't be asking for any information, just doing the routine every day, would take around 6 minutes and he could be on his way. When I mentioned that the Hydration and Body Chemistry might help his acne he was all in. 

In just 5 days he is a completely different child. He has returned to his old self, is clearer in his mind, no irritation, no anger, singing and joking and feeling great.


The change was almost immediate – noticeable changes within 3 days. It's hard to believe the difference that BodyTalk Access had made to his life.  Of course he still thinks he'll find me flying around on a broom anytime soon. I'm just waiting for him to notice the difference in himself. 

I'm going to be promoting BodyTalk Access to every mother with a teen!

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Avram G.

Always challenging to find the right body worker. I have been seeing Jayne for over 10 years. She has the skill and knowledge to understand what my body needs. When I leave after my massage I am totally de-stressed and feeling heavenly. I feel fortunate that I found her. Jayne is a true healer.

Gemma G.

Jayne Brogan has been my masseuse for 12 years. She is, hands down, the best masseuse in Sonoma Valley. The quality of care, compassion and her massage talent is unsurpassed. She cares about her clients and takes the very best care of everyone she works with. I recommend her highly.

Bev P.

Jayne keeps my chronic pain in check with her thorough understanding of body mechanics. Her caring approach to massage never fails to restore my body and my mind.

Jeanette F.

Seeing Jayne weekly has made a huge difference in how healthy strong and relaxed I am. My life would not have the quality that I currently enjoy. I would run, not walk, to get a coveted appointment with her!

Ted C.

Jayne Brogan is a wonder. She is a phenomenal masseuse and a great human being. Top of the line.

Susan H.

Jayne has been my massage therapist for almost 15 years. Massage is her calling-she is just a natural, but one who keeps learning. She listens to me and responds to my body's needs in a sensitive and knowledgeable way. I always come away feeling relaxed and healthier after seeing her.

Dan D.

I was looking for a massage therapist to help with my sore back from golf and working out when I was referred to Jayne. That was about 18 months ago and I haven't been to anyone else since. Since my first appointment with Jayne, I have been on her schedule every few weeks, a one hour session every few weeks has been great for my back and entire body. Although I'm in my thirties, I like to think of it as an investment for my body to ensure an active lifestyle for my many years ahead. Jayne is punctual and professional and my experience with her is nothing short of perfect!

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